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EnCourage was set up in order to offer support to those who have left a cult, abusive group, one on one cult or been spiritually abused (called former members). This includes first generation (joined or recruited) and second/third generation (born and or raised).


Whilst EnCourage has a wide range of aims (set out on this page) we are only able to offer one service at this time (when funds allow) which is to subsidise counselling for those who cannot afford to pay. Counselling can be subsidised if the former member is seeing an already approved Service Provider (ASP). This ASP will have been approved by EnCourage and thoroughly checked (counselling accreditation a requirement).


If you have any queries please contact us. Please bear with us if there is a delay in response.


If EnCourage has helped you in any way would you consider making a donation towards counselling former cult members and survivors of spiritual abuse? You can do this by emailing us - click on contact below.


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Aims of EnCourage


1. To promote the physical and mental wellbeing of people who have suffered as a result of contact with cults, abusive groups or relationships, or an abusive family environment, through the provision of financial assistance, support, befriending, mentoring, education, counselling, psychotherapy, accommodation, practical advice and advocacy, and through the training and supervision of individuals to provide such services.

2. To undertake research, and advance the education of the general public, in all areas relating to contact with cults, abusive groups or relationships, or abusive family environments, and to work with other bodies who have expertise.



Contact: 01433 639032 and info@encourage-cult-survivors.org