Welcome to EnCourage

- Survivors of Cults and Abuse

How we can help you

Here at EnCourage we offer support to those who have left a cult, abusive group, one on one cult or been spiritually abused (called former members).

We help former members who cannot afford to pay for therapy. At EnCourage we can put you in touch with a therapist who is specially trained in helping people recover.

You may have been born and raised in a cult (2nd generation) or you may have been recruited into a cult as an adult (1st generation), either way we will do our best to support you.


Aims of EnCourage

1. To promote the physical and mental wellbeing of people who have suffered as a result of contact with cults, abusive groups or relationships, or an abusive family environment, through the provision of financial assistance, support, befriending, mentoring, education, counselling, psychotherapy, accommodation, practical advice and advocacy, and through the training and supervision of individuals to provide such services. 

2. To undertake research, and advance the education of the general public, in all areas relating to contact with cults, abusive groups or relationships, or abusive family environments, and to work with other bodies who have expertise in these areas.