Some Helpful Resources



Take Back Your Life by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias (2006) Bay Tree Publishing: Berkeley, California


Combatting Cult Mind Control and Releasing the Bonds by Steven Hassan -


Born and Raised in a [Sect]: You are not alone by Lois Kendall


Bounded Choice by Janja Lalich (2004) University of California Press: London





Links - including 'Starting Out' - An online book created by Livia Bardin, a Social Worker in America, and a member of International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA). Although this is entitled 'Starting Out in Mainstream America' there are many things that will be relevant to those starting out in society after leaving a cult including in the UK. Do have a look at it:


Look at for many other links and resources.


Look at - Wellspring Website


Questions to ask a new counsellor from 'Take Back Your Life' by Lalich and Tobias - here



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